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Car maintenance during monsoon

We should give priority to car maintenance especially during monsoon as car driving can be unsafe in the monsoon or rainy season due to several factors such as slippery roads, increase in the number of potholes, body corrosion due to water or mud, or less effective brakes. These can be some reasons that prompt the users to take extra care of their cars during monsoon.

Drive4fact: “According to the ministry of road transport and highways India, 12,876 people lost their lives due to potholes in 2016

The number of potholes increases during the monsoons, therefore the users must take extra precaution in order to protect their life & car.

Drive4wheels-Importance of car maintenance during monsoon

As we know monsoon season in India comes with so many problems for you and your car. We see waterlogging, traffics lights not working, potholes in the road during the rainy season.

Is your car ready to face the monsoon or rainy season?

Drive4wheels is giving you a checklist to maintain during rainy or monsoon season


Tyres act as the pillars of the car as they provide grip and stability on road. During the rainy season, the friction between the tyres and the road tends to decrease due to water which causes the car to drift or skid easily, which can be troublesome.

Take care of your car tyre during monsoon-Drive4wheels Gurgaon
Take care of your car tyre during monsoon-Drive4wheels Gurgaon

The user should make sure that the tyres are in excellent condition during the monsoon season so as to avoid aquaplaning to the maximum extent. Tyre tread depth should also be checked as it plays a major role in providing grip and stability to the car.

Inflation and pressure level should be maintained as lower or higher air pressure than normal can increase the chances of skidding. Hence car tyre pressure should always be maintained to suggested level.


Take care of your car wipers During monsoon-Drive4wheels
Take care of your car wipers During monsoon-Drive4wheels

Wipers are one of those parts of a car that tends to wear out quickly due to dust and other external factors. Hence, they need to repair or replaced by the user before the rainy season and it should be ensured that they function efficiently and at a proper speed.

The washer tanks must also be topped up with a 50:50 ratio of water and cleansing agent, but the user can also opt to use a simple solution of water and a mild detergent.

An extra bottle topped up with cleansing fluid can also be kept in the trunk of the car in case the washer tank gets empty on the go.


Inspection of brakes is crucial in the rainy season as the car requires optimal stopping force in case of skidding or aquaplaning. The brake pads must be cleaned and serviced if requires, you should ask your car service mechanic to pay attention to brakes as it can cost you in terms of money and life.

Take care of your car breaks during car monsoon-Drive4wheels Gurgaon
Take care of your car breaks during car monsoon-Drive4wheels Gurgaon

Brake lines can also be inspected to make sure that there is no ingress of air or water in them. Water during rainy season leads to minor rusting on the disc pads of the brake so it is also necessary to maintain the brake fluid level. Doing so can save your money during your regular car service process.


Part of the car that is most likely to bear the brunt of heavy rains during monsoons is the external body. Under no circumstances should the car be covered as it causes the water to log on your car which in turn affects the paint adversely.

A thin coat of wax polish should be applied to form a protective layer over the paint as it not only keeps the paint protected but also allows the water to roll down easily.

A driver can also use wax on hinges of the door and the trunk. Anti-corrosion spray should be applied to the metal areas that are exposed to rainwater.

Always look for your car body during monsoon-Drive4wheels Gurgaon
Always look for your car body during monsoon-Drive4wheels Gurgaon


Malfunctioning electrical units or fuses can lead to major damages to the car during monsoon. All the fuses must be regularly inspected to make sure there are no errors. You should carry a set of extra fuses in case any of them gets damaged and stops working.

It should also be ensured that the headlights and the taillights of the car are functioning properly so as to give the driver maximum visibility. Switching on the brake and parking lights while driving is also advisable.


Regular inspection and effective functioning of the above mentioned parts is integral in keeping the driver safe and improving the life cycle of your car during monsoon.

Carrying essentials like emergency or on-road assistance numbers, first aid kit and some water & food is critical for a driver if it’s the rainy season.

Stay tuned to Drive4wheels for more useful tips. And do let us know if you found our Car maintenance during Monsoon or Rainy Season useful or not?

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