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Car Service -Checklist to Remember Always

Checklist to remember during car service- Drive4wheels, Gurgaon

We at drive4wheels giving you a checklist to remember always during your car service or repair as car service plays a major role in the lifespan of any car. Always remember to go through with the checklist given below while servicing your car.

Engine Oil

It is a lubricant that we need for our engine and comes in two types:

  • Synthetic
  • Non-synthetic

Synthetic oil typically will last for ten thousand kilometers before you would like to change it. One of my chemical engineering friends told me that it will truly last for three thousand kilometers before the oil quality drops and it will be no longer useful. If you continue to use it then you will have to pay more during car service as it will affect other parts of your car.

On the other hand, non-synthetic oil can only last for five thousand kilometers before you need to change it.

I have tried the best quality synthetic oil and the budget one too. The higher quality engine oil very will provide a smoother engine life. But for the economic driver like me. Just the normal quality oil will do the job.

We should give priority to engine oil in car service as it is an important part to be taken care of.

Oil Filter

Oil filter removes out dirt, dust and unwanted particles from the engine oil. It needs to be changed periodically mostly whenever the engine oil is changed during car service. Oil filter after a certain amount of kilometers usually be dirty and not able to do his work properly.

I have used both original and transitory one but I strongly recommend using the original one during car service. You should ask your car service team to use genuine and best oil filter.

Spark Plugs

A spark plug is a device that fits in the top of the cylinder of the engine. It ignites compressed fuel and creates needed power to push the engine. Different cars have a variety of spark plugs and should be used with compatibility, it usually comes in a set of four.

My car has four spark plugs whereas a Jazz has eight spark plugs. Different spark plugs run differently and have a different life span. A good quality plug can last up to forty thousand while the normal one can run up to ten thousand to twenty thousand kilometers.

Most of the times during car service spark plug had not given importance, which will surely give you difficulty in the future.

Power Steering Fluid

As the name suggests, this is a lubricant for the car’s power steering. If you feel that your steering wheel is getting heavy while turning, it is time to change the power steering fluid. If I am not wrong, this needs to be changed every 30,000km or so.

The effect of a change is also very noticeable as I find my steering wheel very light after I change it. If for whatever reason that you hear a funny noise when you turn your steering wheel (not the noise from the tires) Then this will probably mean that there is an insufficient or extra fluid which is producing that noise. If you think your power steering is making unusual noise then you should mention it during your car service.

Brake Pads & Brake Fluids

I have never changed my car brake fluids before therefore I actually have no plan however it works. However, I have changed brake pads several times. Each set of brake pads come in 4 pieces, 2 pieces for each wheel. You know you need to change the brake pad when you hear a noise when braking. And should be mentioned clearly during car service.

This indicates that the brake pad left about 20 percent of the original. Each set of brake pads usually last around 35,000km for me (It varies on driving habit, for some it can last up to 100,000km. I have tried good quality and compatible brake pads in my car. The compatible one started giving funny noises upon braking even it is fitted recently. In term of braking distance, both original and compatible are comparable in my experience.

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