Things to know during car test drive- Drive4wheels

Best Things to Know During Car Test Drive

Best tips to follow during car test drive – Drive4wheels

Buying or owning the title to a brand-new car can be one of the biggest financial transactions of your life.

So why do so many people make a hasty decision just after a few minutes behind the wheel?

Most of the people who walk into car showrooms or dealerships have no idea what kind of car they want. Preferably, searching for cars in the price range, checking reliability ratings, and car showrooms for the best price all happens before you decide to take your car for a test drive.

Drive4wheels provides you all the information about car test drive from authorized car dealers or showrooms nearest to your location and the brand that you are searching at a single platform.

#Drive4facts: According to TOI, a customer on an average takes about 4 to 5 car test drives of the same brand and car model but from different car dealers or showrooms before making the final decision.

Always follow these tips during the car test drive- Drive4wheels car test drive checklist

Always check car door and handle carefully during car test drive

The door and the handle of a car can say a lot about the car itself. You should open the door and then shut it again before taking a seat.

Make sure that it isn’t insubstantial and the door lines are straight. The feel of opening and closing the door can tell a lot about its quality as well.

Check car handle and door during test drive - Drive4wheels
Check car handle and door during test drive – Drive4wheels

Walk around the car for an exterior check too. Look for scratches,  missing pieces, etc. even with a new car. Vehicles can be damaged during shipping (and test drives) so be careful.

Try to avoid music system during the car test drive

All salesman will try to impress you with a good quality sound system so make sure to turn off the music system before taking the car for a test drive as it is merely a distraction.

Avoid car music system during test drive- Drive4wheels
Avoid car music system during test drive- Drive4wheels

Try to focus on the road and the engine noise. It is very important as the former can cause indoor noise pollution which can be really harmful. Check the heater and air conditioner as well.

Always try to avoid the dealer’s route during a car test drive

It’s preferable to take your own route as a good salesman will always ask you to drive at his route which will be better than the others in order to show off features like blind spot monitoring, parallel parking etc.

So, it’s better to avoid this as in the end, you ‘ll drive your car on roads which are more frequent and common to you.

The steering wheel shouldn’t feel stiff so that you can finely maneuver the car while parallel parking.

Wherever you take your car for a test drive, make sure to evaluate the following:

  • Car Acceleration
  • Car Brakes
  • Car Steering Wheel
  • Car Engine Noise
  • Car Suspension
  • Car Tyres

Make sure the engine runs well and listen for any troubling noises, such as clicking or whining.

Check the dashboard odometer for warning lights and verify that the gauges work. Once the car is warm enough, the temperature gauge should be at the midpoint. Near to “hot” can be a sign of overheating which will require immediate attention.

Always check the car’s back or rear seat comfort during a car test drive

Hop and try out the back or rear car seat during a test drive. Comfort is the key.

Check whether you fit properly or you are able to get in and out easily.

More than often when you are planning your next car, you tend to overlook the important factor of rear seat comfort.

Check car back and rear seat during test drive - Drive4whels
Check car back and rear seat during test drive – Drive4whels

Always check out the leg and head space and other parameters too like, visibility, seat cushioning and features like an arm-rest, rear air-con vents and so on during car test drive. Think about the car and its body for your car’s future as well.

Do your homework before a car test drive

Do not wander to see what cars are available. By the time you show up at car dealers or showrooms, you should already know what model you want.

Do your homework ahead of time. Make the initial trip solely for the purpose of getting behind the wheel.

  • Drive your potential options back-to-back on the same day so you can make a proper comparison.
  • Consider bringing a family member or a friend along to keep the salesperson occupied and point out things you might overlook.

If your car test drive goes as planned then you should not hurry. Remember never to settle when it comes to test drive a car. Take time to test drive multiple cars in order to end up with the best option for you.

Looking to book a car test drive nearest to your location from dealers or showroom?

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Drive4wheels-Best car service, test drive, car valuation in Gurgaon

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