car tips and tricks to increase car life-Drive4wheels Gurgaon

Essential Car Tips and Tricks to Remember

Essential car tips and tricks to increase your car life-Drive4wheels Gurgaon

Drive4wheels giving you the most essential car tips and tricks to increase your car life. These tips will also help you in decreasing your car service or maintenance cost.

car tips and tricks to increase car life-Drive4wheels Gurgaon
car tips and tricks to increase car life-Drive4wheels Gurgaon

Avoid the rush hour

Let’s start with our 1st Car tips & Tricks. There are better places to spend your energy than to stuck in a road turned parking lot. But on the other hand, it’s an over the top expensive method for traveling. Each time that you stop and begin in rush hour gridlock, your vehicle needs to be in first gear and an immense measure of fuel to get going once more. The best arrangement is to not travel the rush hour.

Close the car windows

Another Car Tips & Tricks. Stay aerodynamic, Wind resistance increases fuel consumption. keep windows shut at high speeds and expel rooftop racks and boxes when not being used. Though the sound of wind crossing your speeding car sounds adventurous. But in actual car tip is it’s only making your car more expensive to run. You can’t do much about the design of your vehicle, yet you can avoid from aggravating it by not leaving the windows and sunroof open.

Remove the roof rack or ski box another car tip and trick

After car maintenance, this is worse than leaving the windows open. Regardless of whether the rooftop rack is unfilled, it builds drag and makes your vehicle utilize more fuel, while a major ski box resembles having another vehicle strapped to your rooftop. The most recent rooftop racks and ski boxes are snappy and simple to fit and expel, so attempt to stow them away when you’re not utilizing them. Removing a rooftop top load box can spare as much as 20% on fuel over a year.

Lessen the weight in car trick and tip

Lessen the weight not only means having fewer people in the car but to avoid making your vehicle heavier by adding unnecessary accessories. It’s always advised to carry only fundamentals extra tire, tire iron, jack, and medical aid pack.

Accelerate smoothly

The ideal method to travel is at a steady speed (in a perfect world around 50mph), and in the highest gear (five or six). So be a patient driver and lower the fuel bills.

Don’t push the accelerator down too far – car trick and tip

It’s not simply to do with what equip you’re in. You might be in a high rigging and going at a reasonable speed. But in case if you’re pushing the gear down suddenly at that point you’re using more fuel.

Stick to the speed limit

If you ignored the law, you could save a bit of time of your journey by traveling above the speed limit, particularly on long trips it’s a car tip & trick. But it uses much more fuel in comparison to driving in speed limit.

Check your tyre pressures regularly

The lower the tire weight, the more fuel the vehicle needs to move it not far off. Make sure your tires are inflated. Only one PSI under can build utilization by up to three for every penny

Tyre pressure plays one of the most important parts of car service, find more information here- Why Tires pressure is a lifeline of your car.

Utilize quality items – car trick and tip

Picking the right review of fuel and ensuring it is great quality. Which will help to continue everything running easily and guarantee your car is working proficiently. The same goes for fuel; premium fuel consumes cleaner and all the more proficiently.

Ditch the car sometimes

It sounds obvious, however the least complex approach to save money on your fuel costs is to cut your vehicle use – try walking, cycling or public transport for shorter routes, or vehicle sharing for your drive.


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