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Major Signs That Your Car Needs a Service

Catching problems early before car service can really make the difference in a quick fix. As it is said that ‘prevention is the best cure’ and so, with this in mind, there is a list of possible warning signs to help you know when your car needs to go service center.

1. Warning signs on your dashboard Odometer-

The most basic and the obvious one. You might not notice any difference in the performance but that doesn’t mean that there is no attention needed to the car. The odometer signs available in the dashboard may light up when a particular area is not working properly. Hence you have to get your car checked along with the engine during your car service process.

Warning signs on odometer-car service(Drive4wheels Gurgaon)
Warning signs on odometer-car service(Drive4wheels Gurgaon)

2. Leaks-

Any leaks are a major indication that your car needs to go service center instantly. Leaks may be from underneath or front of the car, whether from engine oil, transmission oil, brake fluids or from the car pipe. The dark-colored stains of the leak are easy to spot. As when the car is moved from where it was parked before. Coolant or Antifreeze is one of the most common greenish color leak (sometimes bright orange or pink).  It regulates the temperature of your engine so it’s always better to get it checked during car service process.

3. Excessive Smoke-

Excessive smoke coming-car service(Drive4wheels Gurgaon)
Excessive smoke coming-car service(Drive4wheels Gurgaon)

A little amount of smoke is nothing to get you worried especially during winters as it is normal but an excessive amount of smoke produced from the exhaust can be harmful to both the car and the outside environment as well.

It can be a sign of a problem with the exhaust system or oil leak or both. Blue smoke or steam from under the bonnet requires immediate attention as it can turn out to be costly if not fixed early then this will put a burden on your pocket during car service mechanism.

4. Loud and Strange noises-

Loud or strange noises coming-car service(Drive4wheels-Gurgaon)
Loud or strange noises coming-car service(Drive4wheels-Gurgaon)

Noises can be that of squealing, droning, dragging and grinding. Which may be caused due to an issue with the brake pads, the wheel, an unbalanced tire. Whatever the reason, noise is not a good indication while driving hence, immediate service is required. There also may be sounds coming even after you turn off the ignition as the engine of your car is dieseling. So it’s best to get the ignition system checked as well during car service.

5. Abnormal Vibrations-

Abnormal vibrations coming-car service(Drive4wheels Gurgaon)
Abnormal vibrations coming-car service(Drive4wheels Gurgaon)

An appearance of a car shake or vibration through the seat, steering wheel or even in the brake pedal is a definite red flag. These abnormal vibrations can be caused due to worn or unbalanced tires, worn brake pads or discs, failing universal joint, a suspension problem, a tire going flat or an issue with the steering wheel. Shaking and vibrating down the road is no way to drive a car. It is not one of the safest options in your book either. So the best precaution is to always talk to your mechanic during car service or repair. You should always pay attention to your car maintenance.


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