Signs that your car battery keeps dying- Drive4wheels

Signs that your Car Battery is Dying Continuously

If your car battery keeps on giving bad performance over and over again. Then this can be a sign that you need to take care of your car battery visit your car service center.

Signs car battery dying- Drive4wheels
Signs that car battery keeps dying- Drive4wheels

The average life of a car battery is between 4-5 years. Car battery depends on a number of factors such as too many short drives or extreme temperatures.

The car battery should be inspected after 3 years of usage in order to keep a check of any errors or discrepancies. Overusing the battery after it has gone past the life cycle can lead to major damage to the electrical circuit. Always remember to ask a mechanic to check battery during car service or maintenance.

Slow or late ignition in car-Drive4wheels
Slow or late ignition in car-Drive4wheels

Late or slow cranking of the engine when you attempt to start the car is a major sign of your car battery not working at optimal efficiency or slowly dying out.

The more time the engine takes to crank up, the more inefficient is the battery. In winters slow cranking is normal but if it is happening in summer then it is better to get the battery inspected instantly or during car service.

Mostly during car service slow or late ignition is ignored, you should specify your car service center specifically to check it to avoid any further problem.


Excessive heat can be a cause of your battery case swelling up. This is a frequent occurrence in older or modified vehicles due to overcharging. which in turn leads to hydrogen gas building up faster than the battery can dissolve.

Trying to mess with a swollen up battery yourself can be very dangerous. As chances of the battery exploding are high due to hydrogen buildup. Car maintenance cost can increase if you ignore bloated or swollen up battery case.


When the user or mechanic opens up the hood of the car, he can spot a translucent spot above the battery. Which indicates the fluid level.

There is also a mark to signify the optimal fluid level. If the actual level is below that mark, then it indicates that the car is not getting the maximum battery power.

The user can ask the service center to check or refill the fluids if needed to prolong the battery life. The user must keep in mind that opting for a new battery is only a viable option. If the battery is older than 5 years.

Low battery fluids in car- Drive4wheels
Low battery fluids in a car- Drive4wheels

Early indicators of a dying battery are headlights of the car as when the battery is dying out. Headlights tend to be dimmer than usual.

A dying battery can also lead to some minor electrical glitches such as malfunctioning odometer backlight, slower or irregular blinking of the indicators, flickering backlights or door open warning light.

These glitches can cause permanent damage to the electrical parts of the vehicle which results in higher cost of repairs.


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